Thank you for you support!

It has been an exciting 18 months. In that time I have traveled all over North Georgia, especially in Walker, Dade, Catoosa, and Chattooga counties. I have met many wonderful people who are really the heart and soul of our great state.

While the election certainly did not turn out the way we wanted, I am grateful for those who had faith in me to represent the district in Atlanta. The election for this race is now over as Senator Mullis will not face a Democrat in the general election in November. Though I will not be in Atlanta this year, I hope some of my ideas and philosophies are carried to the capital for the upcoming session.

I ask we continue our diligence to ensure we have a government working FOR us, not around us. It is easy to get excited during an election season, but the true strength in our Republic is when we stay focused all of the time. Do not hesitate to stay in contact with all of your elected officials. From the county commissioner to the Governor, when they do not hear from we, the people, the assumption of acceptance is all too often made. That is what has gotten our country in debt of over 109 Trillion dollars.

I look forward to maintaining the many friendships I have made over the past months. I intend to stay active in the political process; I hope you do as well.
Once again, thank you, and God Bless you, Georgia, and America.

Jeremy Jones


Words of Wisdom

Another entry from my previous blog:

Below are the lyrics to a song by the group Stuck Mojo. I assume all rights are reserved, I hope I do not get sued, but it does say, “An Open Letter…”

An open letter to the Rev. Jesse Jackson

We, the members of the Mojo family,
feel that your actions and rhetoric as a self professed leader
of the black community are in fact detrimental to the very
people you claim to represent.
We also feel that as a result you do much to undermine the well-being
and harmony of the United States as a whole. You kind of work for
the advancement of the black community and you speak from a position
that the black population cannot advance itself socially, politically
or economically because an immovable object, the white establishment,
forever blocks its path
Yet you preach further support such as welfare and affirmative action
that put members of the population in a position of dependency and
reliance on the establishment
You bask in the glow of the media spot light, you passionately decree
that racism and prejudice are alive today as they were four hundred
years ago, but does this do anything to reverse it’s effect?
No one with the intelligence will deny that a great atrocity was committed
against the black race at the hands of white settlers of this country,
but a wound cannot heal if it is continuously re-opened
That is to say, that it will heal but it will take much longer and the
scar it leaves will be grotesque and raise high on the skin
A true leader leads by example and the example you have shown is not one
of strength of character, self-reliance, commitment to excellence or
personal accountability
It’s these traits that are necessary to advance oneself as an individual
It is only as strong, courageous, and moral individuals that any race can
live the quality of life that it chooses
We give our deepest respect to the true leaders:
Alan Keys, J.C. Watts, Tony Brown, and Dr. Walter Williams
Men who never deny their heritage but are proud to be first and
foremost a part of the human race

The Real Price of Student Loans

This is a blog entry I wrote in 2007. I am re-posting it here, along with some other entries from my old blog.

Today congress trying to come up with more ways to make student loans easier to get, cheaper, and in higher amounts. They cite, among other things, the huge increases in college tuition costs. The irony, by trying to fix this “problem”, they are only exacerbating the problem. However, like so many other government problems, no one will challenge this for fear of losing their power and influence. We need to remember we should only elect people who will do the best for our country, not self preservation.

To vote against this bill a congressman is going to be called “anti-education” or be characterized as someone who does not think everyone should have equal access to higher education. However it is the congressman that votes against the bill that is giving lower income people the chance to afford an higher education.

This is simple supply and demand. If anyone can go to college, regardless of cost, then more than would normally attend will attend. A college, or any institution, has a finite capacity at any given time. If more wish to attend, then the university must increase the capacity. To do this, buildings must be built, professors must be hired, janitorial staff needs to be found, land may need to acquired, and all of the support that goes into a University must be expanded accordingly. As I am sure you can imagine none of these items are free. When increasing such a capacity, the prudent plan is to expand beyond current demand and have room for future growth with minimal future expenditures. These never ending projects cost money and therefore tuition rates rise. The government is artificially inflating the demand for the these expansions. Not everyone can/should go to college. I imagine there are students at universities who would not be there, and should not be there, but are there only because of federal loans or state lottery grants.

Education is like any other product. The higher the demand, the higher the price. What if the government did this same trick to BMW’s? Imagine if congress decided BMW’s are the safest vehicles available and traffic deaths would be cut in half if everyone owned one. Oddly, not everyone can afford a BMW. To help all of our citizenry own one, congress is going to co-sign any an all loans for BMW’s, regardless of credit worthiness. If the law goes into effect on April 1st, it is reasonable to assume BMW lots are going to be quite busy. Here is the problem; not everyone needs a BMW. Some of the buyers have cars that work just fine. (just like some people have jobs that are fine, and do not require further education). Some buyers who were planning on buying a cheaper car decided to upgrade to the new BMW. (Some students may have wanted to work in an apprenticeship program or go to a technical college). Still others, who just bought a new BMW a couple of months ago can’t wait to get another one, and since there is no up-front money out of pocket, take the opportunity. (How many double majors in Political Science and Human Resources do we need).

What the government is doing with higher education is the same thing. We are creating demand where one would not otherwise exist. In the interest of full disclosure, I paid for my higher education with both student loans and savings, the majority of it with federal backed student loans.

I agree, as a society, we benefit with a higher educated populace. I also know there are those that need this help, and without it may never get the chance to go to college. But there should be some limit. Some criteria in giving these federal loans. When I applied, my credit rating was poor, my high school record was average at best, and I had nothing invested into my college. It took about 1 hour to fill out the paper work, two weeks of waiting and not only was my college paid in full for the semester, I had a credit at the book store, and a check for me! Maybe we should require higher standards on one of these aspects. My suggestion is a loan match program. One cannot get a loan for any more than you can put in. If it takes you two years to save $2500, then you would be eligible for a loan of up to $2500. The average yearly tuition for an in-state university is $4600. Once in, I would then recommend strict academic standards. As long as you meet these standards, your consecutive student loans would be for the entire amount. This simple combination would weed out those going to school for a good party. This benefit is obvious for everyone involved. This keeps the University full of students that should be there, not just those that want to be there. I understand this is still a form of government creating a false demand, but as I said, there are benefits to society that is worth this investment. However, it should not be a federal program. This program should be administered on the state level.

Open Letter to the Citizens

Open Letter to the Citizens of Georgia’s 9th Congressional District:

Fellow Citizens,

January 20th. One year ago President Barak Obama was inaugurated as our 44th President. Obviously, I was disappointed by having a Democrat in the Whitehouse, especially with a democratically controlled House and Senate. One year ago does not seem that long ago to me. However, in exactly half that amount of time, six months, Georgia will go to polls to set up the first major election to overturn this most left leaning congress in our history. July 20th is primary day in Georgia. In the 9th district of Georgia there are many candidates wanting to earn your vote to be the Republican nominee for the November general election, including myself.

I have been campaigning for over a year now. I had decided, long before our current congressman decided to not seek re-election, it was time for a new voice in DC. It was time we removed career politicians and allowed the citizen to once again represent the citizens of Georgia. Many things have occurred since I decided to run, including over a dozen other people joining the race. However, none of them were willing to take on our current congressman. Ask yourself, if they were not willing to stand up for what was right then, why would they stand up for what is right later?

It is my firm belief almost every other candidate got into this race because it was an open seat, the path of least resistance. The decisions we are facing in the next 2, 4, and 6 years will not be easy, and will certainly not be on the path of least resistance. I have proven I am willing to fight my own party, if I believe it is the right thing to do. You can rest assured; I will fight for the citizens of Georgia and the United States Constitution.

When you decide who will represent you in DC, ask yourself, who is willing to fight for the people, not the large campaign contributors? Who was willing to fight the system when the fight was going to be difficult? Jeremy Jones is the answer.

I appreciate your support, please visit my website and sign up to help us, the citizens, take back our country.

Jeremy Jones
Candidate for US House

To Be a Republican

I am often asked why I am running as a Republican. I am told there is little difference between the Republicans in Washington and the Democrats. As true as that may be, let me explain why it is important I am the next Republican representative from Georgia.

I am not sworn to the Republican party. I have my beliefs. It is the duty of the Republican Party to swear their allegiance to MY thinking, and the thinking of millions of people like me. We make the Republican Party, the Party does not make us. Just because members of the Republican party have failed the other members recently, it does not justify giving up on our values and beliefs. It IS the duty of the Republican Party Leadership to recognize the failures of some members and distance themselves from those actions, and support candidates that uphold Republican values and principles.

So, the question becomes, what are “Republican Values and Principles?” Let me tell you what they mean to me.

To me, a Republican is
• Abraham Lincoln, who believed all men, no matter the color of their skin or social status, were created equal.
• Andrew Johnson (though a Democrat, he was a Republican VP) who knew the Constitution was rules for the federal government and was willing to be impeached rather than go against The Constitution.
• Rutherford Hayes who knew political favoritism had no place in politics and enacted major civil service reform.
• James Garfield who ordered federal investigations into people of his own party when evidence of wrong doing was presented to him.
• Chester Arthur who vetoed a very popular spending bill, because it was nothing more than pork.
• Benjamin Harrison who knew we must support our troops, both during war and peace.
• Warren Harding who continued to fight for equal rights for all races.
• Calvin Coolidge who knew we do not make the poor rich by taking making the rich poor.
• Dwight Eisenhower who knew the strength of our military was the best defense for our country.
• Ronald Reagan who knew lower taxes will expand the tax base and increase the quality of life for everyone.
• George Bush who protected innocent lives of our allies.
• George W. Bush who, even to his own political determent, kept America safe.

None of the people I mentioned are without their faults, some had more faults than they did redeeming qualities. However, it is the culmination of certain aspects of each of these men, among many others, that show what being a true Republican is. So, I do not fault the Democrat party for failures on their watch, or praise the Republican party for successes on their watch. I am my own man, I am my own leader. It is time we remember for what we stand for. When like minded individuals come together to form a political party, whether it be Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, TEA, or any other label one wants to assign, the bottom line is, we must hold true to our values and our beliefs. I vow to always do so, damn the consequences from the party. Too much is at stake to worry about such things.

Jeremy Jones for Congress

Jeremy Jones is running for the Republican Nomination for the US House in the 9th district of Georgia.

Nine Months!

In nine months, the people of Georgia will go to the polls to vote in the primary, and pick who will be the next congressman from the 9th district. Since the inception of the district, in 1873, never has a Republican been elected that was not the incumbent, and this year, the race will be all but over in the primary as the 9th congressional district is considered one of the most conservative in all of America.

Nine months is not a long time. Ask any couple deciding to start a family! The fact the election is in nine months gives me the opportunity to discuss the issue of life.

It is said Abortion is an issue about which no one will change their mind. I do not subscribe to this idea. I think it is imperative we continue to discuss the issue, and debate the issue. If we are not willing to fight for something as fundamental as life, then, why bother with anything else? If you are not willing to fight for life, then why are you willing to fight for health care? Why are you willing to fight for environmental causes? After all, a reason for both of those issues, according to many, is to provide a better LIFE for people.

We are a country looked upon by the world as the shining light of freedom. Go to any country in the world, ask them what country is the most free, America will be the overwhelming answer. We are the greatest country, no doubt about it. But, do the people who aspire to live in America know we allow, and protect with laws, the killing of the most innocent of our people? Do they know that since 1975, we have murdered over a million babies a year?

Do you cringe when you think of the holocaust of the Jewish people under Hitler? America has allowed more killing of the innocent than did Hitler. Were you upset, and ready to fight when the planes hit the towers and Pentagon, plus the heroes of flight 93, when about 3,000 innocent people were murdered? We allow that many innocent babies to be killed each day. When you watch the senseless beating of a high school student on TV, are you upset? A more horrific late term abortion is performed more than 14,000 times each year.

So, is this an issue worth fighting? Is this an issue that we should work to change the minds of those not willing to stand up for life? More so than any other issue. If we do not defend the life of the unborn, who will defend your life when you will most need it to be defended? If you are religious, I ask you pray for the unborn. If you have the means, I ask to help support a group trying to defend life. If you have the calling, consider adopting a baby so a woman can choose life. Without life, nothing else matters.

Jeremy Jones

The REAL problem in Catoosa County

Below is the second part of a prior post I made. This is what I believe to be the real issue in regards to events in Catoosa County.

As any issue does, this has evolved into something much bigger than anyone has ever anticipated. As far as the signs for the cheerleaders are concerned, the next step is completely in the hands of the cheerleaders. If they are satisfied with the board’s decision, and wish for their issue to subside, that is their decision. However, the issue for me is now much bigger than signs on a football field. The actions of our local school board are a symptom of a problem much bigger.

Our society has “evolved” into a society governed by DC. We have lost control of our ability for our local values to be reflected in our communities and schools. I no more want the values of Arizona Public schools to be placed upon my community than they do ours. However, because of the fear of the federal government, our local school board has bowed to the powers of DC. Our school board has decided the collective values, or lack thereof, of the entire country is more important than the people that elect them directly. This problem is not limited to our schools. It can be found in almost all aspects of our life. Everything, from national retail chains having “Holiday” sales to small town courthouses no longer having Christmas trees on display, is being done as a reflection of national blandness rather than local community values and tradition.
Our fear of DC, and our desire of the power of DC, is a serious problem. To do something in my community, whether it be how our schools are to be run to how our Sherriff treats illegal aliens, should be handled according the desires of the local community in accordance with local state law. Federal law, defined within our Constitution, is mostly limits of power, not writs of influence. However, our local roads department must depend on help from the federal government and follow federal government rules to fix a local road damaged by recent floods.

So, vote out the current school board if you feel that will solve the problem at hand. However, I submit it will not. I submit the problem is much bigger than the Catoosa County School Board. I believe if you want your local school board to reflect the values of your local community, you start higher, much higher. I believe you must work to change the mindset of the American people. You must work to remove the politicians that perpetuate the power hold of Washington DC on our lives. Our elected officials must begin to depower DC. Only then will our school board be free to truly reflect the values our community. Only then will we be able to live our lives, not in fear, but in peace and prosperity.