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The SOPA Myth

Anything that Google, Wiki, GoDaddy, and WordPress is against must be bad, right?  So it seems to be in the world of the pending SOPA legislation.  The sad part is, I have seen very few people actually speak facts regarding the “controversial” bill.  I put that in quotes because I do not understand why there is controversy?

Before I can support a bill to be passed at the federal level, I first check that the subject matter is even anything they should be doing.  In most cases, I conclude they are debating bills that they, Constitutionally, should not even be considering.  Armed with my Constitution, (something I bet only half the people in DC have in their desk drawer) I conclude for two reason the subject matter to be Constitutional.  First, Article 1 Section 8 includes, “Congress shall have the power to…promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries”  the section ends with the statement they may pass laws to enforce this.  Of course, at the time of the Constitution, they had no clue about CD’s, movies and such, but of course, over time writings and discoveries became to include books, movies, music, etc.

Secondly, Congress often abuses this part, but, in this case, this is certainly interstate commerace as the web certainly sells products over state lines.

With that out of the way, we can get to the meat of the issue and the bill.  Before we do that, we must agree on a couple of fundamentals.  Sadly, these are not universal, as some people not only engage in this behavior, they see nothing wrong with it.  We must agree downloading music without paying the price set by the rights holder is wrong. (It is illegal, regardless of contrary opinions)  The same is true for movies, software, etc.

This bill is intended to put a stop to these actions.  I Google’d “SOPA bad” and had a very hard time finding many facts of the bill, just opinion saying it will not work.  Okay, so the opinion is it will not work.  If it will not work, why the opposition?  One common complaint I have heard is the bill will give the government the power to shut down sites if they contain material the government finds offensive.  Let me discredit that myth right away.  From the bill, on page 2, Sec 2. “Nothing in this Act shall be construed to impose a prior restraint on free speech or the press protected under the 1st Amendment to the Constitution.”  In other words, people like me who bash Obama, the Congress, and the government in general are as safe as we are right now.

Another fear being said is that bill is so broad the government could shut down sites like Google or Facebook if they contain even a single link to an illegal download.  First, that is not true, but, let’s pretend it is.  Current drug laws could be used to confiscate an entire mall if someone is caught selling a dime bag of weed in the parking lot. (I do not know what a dime bag is, but I’ve seen it in a copyrighted movie once)  How many malls have you seen confiscated by the feds? I can assure you, many a drug deal goes down on mall property, I asked my drug dealer.

Currently the government has blocked all on-line gambling sites such as PartyPoker.  I was against that bill for I did not see where in the Constitution Congress could regulate gambling.  However, that legislation was similar to this.  How many abuses of that power have you seen?  The feds have not shut down St. Catherines Parish advertising their Sunday bingo sessions, though, technically, they are advertising gambling.

The government should have the power to stop illegal activity.  We deserve, and expect, our local government to put a chop shop out of business when it is proven they are doing illegal things.  They do the same thing with meth houses and their attempts bringing down the mob continue.  Why are people against the government stopping illegal downloading of copyrighted material?

As stated earlier, I have actually read the bill, you can also:

From the bill:

ERTY.—An ‘‘Internet site is dedicated to theft of
3 U.S. property’’ if—
4 (A) it is an Internet site, or a portion
5 thereof, that is a U.S.-directed site and is used
6 by users within the United States; and
7 (B) either—
8 (i) the U.S.-directed site is primarily
9 designed or operated for the purpose of,
10 has only limited purpose or use other than,
11 or is marketed by its operator or another
12 acting in concert with that operator for use
13 in, offering goods or services in a manner
14 that engages in, enables, or facilitates—
15 (I) a violation of section 501 of
16 title 17, United States Code;
17 (II) a violation of section 1201 of
18 title 17, United States Code; or
19 (III) the sale, distribution, or
20 promotion of goods, services, or mate21
rials bearing a counterfeit mark, as
22 that term is defined in section 34(d)
23 of the Lanham Act or section 2320 of
24 title 18, United States Code; or

(ii) the operator of the U.S.-directed
2 site—
3 (I) is taking, or has taken, delib4
erate actions to avoid confirming a
5 high probability of the use of the
6 U.S.-directed site to carry out acts
7 that constitute a violation of section
8 501 or 1201 of title 17, United States
9 Code; or
10 (II) operates the U.S.-directed
11 site with the object of promoting, or
12 has promoted, its use to carry out
13 acts that constitute a violation of sec14
tion 501 or 1201 of title 17, United
15 States Code, as shown by clear ex16
pression or other affirmative steps
17 taken to foster infringement.


blah, blah, blah

The important parts above are the site is PRIMARILY designed or operated for the purpose of … the sale, distribution, or promotion of goods, services, or materials.  I left out the legalease mumbo jumbo referring to the US code sections related to copyright infringement and such.  The point of all that is the site must be primarily used to facilitate the distribution of illegal materials.  Putting a link on Facebook to my server for people to illegally download a song will not put Facebook in jeopardy of being blocked in the entire US.  They are targeting websites like the old Napster, Kaza, and other sites that serve little purpose than to facilitate the exchange of copyrighted materials.


The next major objection is that the government can just decide to shut down the site.  That is simply not true.  That is like saying the government can see the the drug dealer making a sale and they can put him jail for 20 years.  He is still entitled to due process, which includes a trial, and judgment.  This bill specifically states the government must notify the owner of the website of their illegal actions.  The bill gives that owner the ability to defend his site. (see page 29 of the cited pdf.)

Anyone that knows me knows I despise most of the bills passed by our government. However, this is almost a textbook definition of what our federal government should be doing besides defending our country.  There is no “free market” solution to this problem and only the government can stop this illegal behavior.

As of this writing my Congressman, Tom Graves, has stated he will be voting against this bill.  Congressman Graves is great congressman and I have agreed with nearly every vote he has made.  I understand Graves must vote with his conciense and the will of the people he represents.  I hope if you are in his district, the current or new one, you will take time to let him know you hope he will change his mind.

I fear this bill will not be passed, not because it is a bad bill, but because of all of the mis-information concerning the bill.



Words of Wisdom

Another entry from my previous blog:

Below are the lyrics to a song by the group Stuck Mojo. I assume all rights are reserved, I hope I do not get sued, but it does say, “An Open Letter…”

An open letter to the Rev. Jesse Jackson

We, the members of the Mojo family,
feel that your actions and rhetoric as a self professed leader
of the black community are in fact detrimental to the very
people you claim to represent.
We also feel that as a result you do much to undermine the well-being
and harmony of the United States as a whole. You kind of work for
the advancement of the black community and you speak from a position
that the black population cannot advance itself socially, politically
or economically because an immovable object, the white establishment,
forever blocks its path
Yet you preach further support such as welfare and affirmative action
that put members of the population in a position of dependency and
reliance on the establishment
You bask in the glow of the media spot light, you passionately decree
that racism and prejudice are alive today as they were four hundred
years ago, but does this do anything to reverse it’s effect?
No one with the intelligence will deny that a great atrocity was committed
against the black race at the hands of white settlers of this country,
but a wound cannot heal if it is continuously re-opened
That is to say, that it will heal but it will take much longer and the
scar it leaves will be grotesque and raise high on the skin
A true leader leads by example and the example you have shown is not one
of strength of character, self-reliance, commitment to excellence or
personal accountability
It’s these traits that are necessary to advance oneself as an individual
It is only as strong, courageous, and moral individuals that any race can
live the quality of life that it chooses
We give our deepest respect to the true leaders:
Alan Keys, J.C. Watts, Tony Brown, and Dr. Walter Williams
Men who never deny their heritage but are proud to be first and
foremost a part of the human race

Jone Impresses Gilmer County TEA Party

Gilmer County , Georgia – Jeremy Jones, candidate for US House for Georgia’s 9th district, participated in the Gilmer County TEA party candidate forum. The forum was held on Tuesday the 15th, on the heels of the trip the group took to Washington DC to be a part of the 9/12 March on DC.

Jones energized the near capacity crowd at the ETC pavilion with his opening remarks. Rather than say similar, expected, Conservative phrases in line with all of the other candidates, Jones took the time to challenge the members to keep up the good work. “Don’t stop after the primary, don’t stop after the election. No matter who wins, keep the pressure on us.”

Because of the large number of candidates, the number of questions from the audience was limited. Questions that were asked touched on various topics such as illegal immigration, term limits, and the proposed audit of the Federal Reserve System. To the question of the audit of the Federal Reserve, Jones set himself apart from the rest of the candidates when he replied, “…be careful for what you ask.” Jones insisted he was for the audit, but cautioned, “I know how bad the results of the audit will be. I will not want an audit until we have a plan in place to address the major financial meltdown that will occur when we confirm what we all assume. “ When asked to expand on his answer later, Jones said, “I agree an audit must take place, but if we do not have “plan B” in place, we will witness the dive of the Dollar to levels so low, our country could become bankrupt overnight. Everything from savings bonds to 401K’s will be worthless, unless a plan is in place first. If you knew you were going to the beach when a hurricane was approaching, you would not go unprepared. All I am saying, we cannot do the audit until we are prepared for the aftermath.”
After the meeting several attendees said Jones seemed to have the greatest knowledge of the topics and he was, “…well informed and well prepared.” Of such statements, Jones said, “It was the TEA movement that confirmed the drive to run for me. The beliefs and frustration among this group, and thousands similar across the country are exactly how I feel. I am simply saying what is from my heart.”

The event comes right after a Union County picnic where Jones placed third in a straw poll, out of a field of almost 10 candidates. “The recent poll shows we have a lot of work left to do, but considering how little money we have spent, and how well we are received at all events, including the TEA party events, it is clear, this seat is not going to be bought. The people are tired of politicians shuffling jobs.”

Walker County GOP

Tonight it was great to speak at the Walker County GOP meeting. It was a packed house, I was excited to see so much participation in the party.

Because of how many people were there, and wanting to participate in the party activities, I changed my planned comments just a little. I started by explaining by displeasure of the actions of the Republican party over the past several years. I explained that I am running to bring honor, and principle back to the party, and back to congress. As I have said previously, the ideas of the Republican party are the ideas and principles that will guarantee our country will continue to expand, and continue to be the envy of the world. However, ideas alone will accomplish nothing, and unfortunately, Republicans recently have forgotten the next step, action. I reminded everyone, it was the Republicans that started this out of control spending spree. Sure, the Democrats have made the Republican spending seem like nothing, but we must realize, deficit spending is certainly nothing new, and Republicans must share in some of the blame.

I will expand on that thought here. I understand the thought process of the Republican’s actions when we had control of the House, Senate, and White House. They thought they should not “abuse” their power. They thought if they compromised, if the day were to come when Democrats were in control, they would reciprocate the “favor.” Well, that day is upon us. Show me where the Democrats have shown the same compromise, the same idea of sharing the power. They have not, nor do I blame them. Elections have consequences. When the American people elected Republicans, they expected Republican ideas and actions, instead, we got an expanded government, and more regulations. If the Republicans are going to act like Democrats, it is no wonder the American people just elected Democrats.

That is what propelled me into the political arena. I want to fight for Republican ideas and principles. Not in “partisan” fashion, but in principled fashion. Which brings us back to the speech this evening.

Tonight I explained my vision of the responsibility of the next Representative of the 9th district. I cannot explain to each person the details of every bill on which I will vote. It is understood, citizens have jobs, you have families, you have football practice. Homework must be done, bills must be paid. Therefore, you must trust your Representative. I shared with everyone my thought process I will have for each bill on which I will vote. First, is this bill something on which the federal government has jurisdiction? If not, there is very little chance I will vote for it. There are plenty of well intended laws on the books that should not be there. Even if it is a good bill, a bill on which I might agree should be a law or a regulation, if it is not the business of the federal government, I will vote no. Earlier I said, I said there is very little chance. That implies I might vote for a bill that is not a bill on which the federal government should have any say. We cannot turn off the federal government instantly. I will never support any new regulations or laws. I will not support any new unconstitutional programs. For the programs we already have, we must begin the process of de-funding them. We will continue to spend money on highways, on the EPA, etc. However, those budgets must begin to be cut. That is what I will do.

We discussed illegal immigration. We all understand the stress it puts on our social services, our health care system, our law enforcement. I said it is time to do something. It is time we treat the problem for what it really is, an invasion. If it requires military action, so be it. If it requires increased funding, so be it. I pointed out, if the Chinese can build a wall, so can we. After the meeting a couple of people voiced concern over my idea that a wall could be the solution. Let me be clear, I do not care what the solution is, what I do care, is we stop the inflow. I know the solution will be a combination of several items. It will entail enforcement of current laws, removing the incentive to come across the border, deport the criminals, etc.

I discussed several other issues, most of which can be found on this blog, as well as my website and Facebook group.

Thank you for reading, and thanks to the Walker County GOP. I look forward to seeing everyone again.

Have a great day.

Jones For Congress